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We review compensation. For employees & candidates, we offer salary & equity reviews (free or pay what you can).  For startups, we partner with you to create fair compensation philosophies and plans.

Thank you so much! I so admire the effort you're leading and the company you're building. I've sent your medium post to many people and read it many times myself.
Director of Growth Marketing
Wow! Thank you so much. This is incredibly helpful. It feels really good to know where I stack up and what to ask for next.
VP at Series A Company
Got double the equity, signed the offer, and am excited to work with this team. Thank you, thank you for guiding me through this process.
Manager at Series B Company
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We help startups with their comp plans

We partner with you to help you figure out compensation that scales. Here's what we help with:
Build your comp philosophy

We help you define how salary, equity, and benefits work at your company—and how you communicate your philosophy to employees and candidates.

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We create comp structures that are competitive, fair, and aligned with your company's comp philosophy.

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We audit your compensation system, signaling fairness to candidates and employees.

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