Help Wanted Project is now Pie Compensation. We still offer comp reviews for startup candidates & employees.
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Share your startup salary and equity details, and we'll email you a compensation review. We evaluate both offers and existing compensation against benchmarks. It's confidential and free–with an option to pay us what you can.

Before you fill out our comp review form...

We only review comp for private, venture-backed startups. We don't have public company benchmarks.
Make sure you know shares outstanding and/or preferred price to get an equity reviews—you may need to ask the recruiter.
Payment for comp reviews is optional. After your review is complete, pay us what you can, even if that's $0.
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Our Story: From Help Wanted Project to Pie

We're fixing startup comp, one review at a time

Deva Hazarika and Emily Kramer launched Help Wanted Project spring of 2020 during COVID-19 to help people navigate the job search process for free. We later launched free compensation reviews to help people understand offers and make the right choice for their career.

Compensation is broken. It's confusing. It's often unfair. We want to do our part to fix this.

So, after doing hundreds of free compensation reviews, we launched Pie Compensation to expand our efforts. We still offer free or pay-what-you-can compensation reviews to employees, but we believe compensation needs a complete overhaul and also offer services to startups.
I found your advice more helpful than the (paid) negotiation coach I hired.
Candidate who used another service first
I wanted to thank you for pushing me to negotiate. You helped me understand my worth and market value, and push for more money and a senior title. Thank you!
Title changed from Manager to Senior Manager
I would highly recommend this service and already have...I had a better understanding of both of my offers because of your advice.
Candidate with multiple offers